This Week's Social Justice Songs - Episode #293 - September 19th, 2014

Social Justice Songs - Episode #293

This episode has been in development longer than (possibly) any other episode we've done.  We decided we wanted to do a show on the theme of social justice around 4 years ago, and started picking out songs and collecting interview clips on that topic.  Usually once each year, I have had this episode on our production calendar, and for various reasons - mostly related to our lack of available time to research and seek out quality songs - we would scratch this episode and do something else instead.  But we were able to pull the trigger this year, mainly thanks to the research and input provided by one of the UTR Critics (Thank you, Larry Stephan!).  And the end result went beyond my expectations.  We'd love to know what you thought of this show, and if you'd like to see us repeat this theme in a future year.  (Dave)

  • How Emptiness Sings Kingdom Coming
    on How Emptiness Sings
    by Christa Wells
  • Share The Well International Love Song
    on Share The Well
    by Caedmon's Call
  • This Isn't A Dream Love Through Me
    on This Isn't A Dream
    by Jenny & Tyler
  • Live At Eddie's Attic '11 Crude Greed
    on Live At Eddie's Attic '11
    by David Wilcox
  • Beautiful Things People of God
    on Beautiful Things
    by Gungor
  • The Other Side of Something Esther
    on The Other Side of Something
    by Sara Groves

Judah & The Lion Interview - Episode #292 - September 12th, 2014

Judah & The Lion Interview - Episode #292

I'm very excited to share the interview I did with Judah & The Lion on today's show.  They are on the launching pad poised to have their career take off.  Their latest album Kids These Days just released days ago, and it's one of the best releases I've heard in 2014!  This band has a unique trajectory, because they started as a full-on worship band, and have been developing more into a mainstream-friendly Americana outfit... so I had the chance to ask them about those changes and how intentional they were.  Plus all of the other songs besides J&TL are tracks released in 2014.  (Dave)

Sophomore Appearances - Episode #291 - September 5th, 2014

Sophomore Appearances - Episode #291

We are often introduced to A+ artists we were missing through the recommendation of UTR listeners and fellow artists.  However, even though we are often playing "UTR debuts," we sometimes forget to revisit those artists we loved playing once.  So we're focusing on artists that we've only featured once before and giving them another spin on this "sophomore appearance" episode.  We are also paying tribute to Matt Auten, who tragically passed away on August 19th while rescuing his son from drowning.  If you feel compelled to help support Matt's family, you can CLICK HERE to send your donation.

Sarah Masen Interview - Episode #290 - August 29th, 2014

Sarah Masen Interview - Episode #290

Meeting Sarah Masen was a pure delight. She is a sweet soul with very thoughtful things to share from her heart. Her latest batch of songs from "The Trying Mark" are (in classic Sarah style) poetic and layered. We were also delighted that she could be a part of Escape To The Lake 2014.  She shares some personal stories, including when she found out her son Sam was diagnosed with autism.  Having a special needs daughter myself, I find her words and music comforting and encouraging.  The additional music on the show is terrific too, including Colony House and Burlap to Cashmere.  (Dave)

Title Tracks - Episode #289 - August 22nd, 2014

Title Tracks - Episode #289

The term "title track" is the song that bears the same name as the album title.  Usually the song comes first. So this means that, to the artist, that song is special in some way - whether it be theme, craftsmanship, depth, or melodic acheivement.  So as we play all title cuts this week, you can reflect on the fact that for various reasons, these are important enough songs to the artists, that their album took on the same name.  Most of the songs took a lot of consideration, but two that were sure-fire inclusions from the get-go were "Borderland" by John Mark McMillan and "Over Land and Sea" by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk.  (Dave)

More Listener Requests - Episode #288 - August 19th, 2014

More Listener Requests - Episode #288

We haven't been able to play any listener requests on UTR since May, so we decided to fill up a bonus podcast edition of the program full of more listener suggestions.  I always love getting introduced to new artists and new music by our listeners, and half of the ten songs on this (commercial free) show are making their UTR debuts - including Sharlene Olson, Bradford Loomis, Jason Morant, Universal Royalty, and Matt Auten.  (Dave)

All Listener Requests - Episode #287 - August 15th, 2014

All Listener Requests - Episode #287

June was filled with "specialty shows" like Kelly's farewell and the Critics' picks.  July was all repeat episodes.  So we've collected a fair number of listener requests over the last 2-3 months, and it's always fun to dedicate a whole hour to the songs and artists suggested by our UTR family.  As it seems to happen regularly with these types of episodes, we are introduced to a fair number of artists that we weren't aware of.  I was especially excited to learn about the new outfit called 6'10 (which opens the show).  I have long been aware of Chicago based punk rock band Flatfoot 56.  This is the folkier side of that band featuring lead singer Tobin Bawinkel and former F56 member Josh Robieson [who happens to be a personal acquaintance].  (Dave)

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