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The Future of UTR

posted: October 21st, 2014 by Steven Koster

First, the bad news: Due to fiscal realities, ReFrame Media has recently restructured. As a result, production of new episodes of Under The Radar has been suspended, and the employment for UTR's producer Dave Trout has ended. We lament our parting of ways. 

Now, the good news: The program will continue as a weekly broadcast and podcast in rerun form for the immediate future.  Service will not be interrupted for all UTR affiliate radio outlets.

Furthermore, in recognition of the valuable work that Dave was doing through UTR, ReFrame has offered to gift the entire UTR brand and property to Dave Trout in hopes that the show can be re-launched in a new capacity.  Dave has accepted this offer and is putting a business plan together to hopefully resume production of UTR in early 2015.

ReFrame Media would love your prayers and support as we continue to do media ministry after this recent restructuring.  Dave would also love your prayers as he plans for the future. A chapter has ended, and new ones are being written. May Grace and Peace be upon us all.


Contact ReFrame Media:
Steven Koster, Director

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Contact Westar Media (Radio/Media inquiries):
Gretchen Dill
719-536-9000 x126

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